Access Control

In a highly competitive, fast-paced and progressively risky world, having control over who, when, where and how individuals enter your grounds is no longer an option but a requirement. One of the best ways to protect your premises and personnel, is by installing and utilising electronic access control solutions, which help manage and streamline security responsibilities. 

At Eyescan, we offer Access Solutions for any industry, of any size, at as many locations as required. We can design, install and maintain standalone systems, networked enterprise-wide systems, or even cloud-based systems to offer fully customisable Access Control solutions using your preferred means of access; codes, smart cards and biometrics. 

Installing an Access Control System is not simply about monitoring who enters the premises, but also allows selective restriction of areas available to them, as well as the hours they are authorized to enter. It further allows you to keep a log file which tracks entries, exits and duration of visits, and can even generate time and attendance reports to help you manage your organization. 

  • Does your organization consist of multiple branches and locations? Not a problem; we can install one system per chain for your convenience and ease of access.
  • Are you a secure establishment that has certain limitations regarding how many people that can enter at a time? Our Access Control system can do that too.
  • Do you have specifications on the number of people that can be on your grounds simultaneously? Install our Access Control system to ensure these are followed.
  • Our Access Control solutions are more than just an entry point into the building; they are a way to organize, manage, monitor and secure your premises.

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