Intruder Alarms

Keeping your loved ones and premises safe and monitored has never been easier! With the simple touch of a button, you can instantly access your system at any given point or location, whether to arm, disarm or for mere reassurance. 

Our application is easily installed and accessible on any smartphone or PC, providing immediate access to a variety of functions and allowing you to control your alarm system remotely. Not only does it provide you with direct access to the system, but once triggered, it instantly alerts you while autonomously capturing and sending ten frames of movement.

Worried that you may be unavailable or not observe the notification on time? The solution couldn’t be simpler! Link your system to our 24/7 monitoring station and rest assured that whenever and wherever the trigger occurs, our round-the-clock monitoring team is already on it and ready to dispatch a patrol unit without delay.

Have pets? We’ve got that covered too! Our system is designed to avoid getting falsely triggered by their motions, meaning they can comfortably roam around as they please, confinement-free.

As for installation, we cover all your needs regardless of property type, size, structure and condition, using wireless, wired or hybrid hardware and reaching any security grade you require. Simply contact us for a consultation, tell us what you need and leave all the details and planning process to us. Our experienced specialists will ensure optimal security and quality, tailored to your specific requirements.

  • Leave for work, knowing your home is safe.
  • Leave from work, confident that your valuables are secure.
  • Enjoy that long holiday you’ve always wanted, carefree.
  • Make your space, a safe place.

Contact us for a consultation to discuss all available options custom-made to your needs.