Nurse Call System

Hospitals, health centers and nursing homes all pursue a common objective; the comfortable recovery and welfare of their residents. An indispensable contributor to their health and comfort is the nursing staff, which is regularly on rotation ensuring that patients have all they need to be as comfortable as possible.

In times of especially high population and activity in any healthcare center, nurses can receive multiple calls and requests simultaneously, making it difficult for them to monitor and assist all patients in a timely manner while jumping between rooms and tasks.

When it comes to identifying and organizing patients’ needs based on urgency and validity, an effective Nurse Call System is an absolute requirement.

Eyescan can equip your establishment with an exceptionally effective solution, as our Nurse Call system is designed in a way that promotes efficiency, convenience and successful monitoring.

Our IP system goes beyond the basic call button, allowing patients to communicate directly with the on-call nurse, in this way avoiding unnecessary trips to and from rooms especially at times when time is crucial. Additionally, the system can record statistics regarding the duration of task completions as well as the nurse tackling each call, in order to assist in follow-ups as well as monitoring and promoting effectiveness.

Ensuring patients feel comfortable throughout their stay and recovery is also exceedingly important. Our system entails specific features that have been specifically included to promote comfort and accessibility.

Additional features:

  • The Nurse Call Controller allows patients to operate their TV.
  • In multi-populated rooms, patients can listen to their own TV via an audio jack on the controller.


Contact Eyescan now to promote efficiency, organization and comfort in your healthcare establishment.