Need eyes around the clock? Eyescan’s got you covered! Have instant, real-time visual access to your premises wherever you may be and on any smart device of your preference. Our 4K CCTV Systems are installed in a way that eliminates blind spots, ensuring 100% coverage of your premises and offering high-end visual quality, as well as the option to cover both indoor and outdoor properties.

Do you live in a high-risk area, travel frequently or wish to enhance the security of your workplace? Elevate your CCTV System to another level by connecting it to our 24/7 monitoring station.

Our team monitors all systems ensuring the safety of your premises as well as the smooth operation of your devices and dispatches a patrol unit upon the immediate detection of irregular or suspicious movement. Access to an amplified horn speaker allows our operators to discourage unsolicited activity and deter offenders.

CCTV Systems are universally acknowledged as a key tool in felony prevention and dissuading, but in the unfortunate case of a crime the immaculate 4K resolution of our CCTV hardware allows you to further use images as evidence of illegal activity.

Video analytics

Our CCTV Systems have been created in a way that not only promotes security, but also efficiency. The top-grade video analytics encompassed in our systems use A.I to convenience you in a number of ways, from helping you detect empty shelves that need re-stocking, to reading your license plate and opening your electric gate for you. Use the heat maps generated by our video analytics to identify high-traffic products and re-arrange them around your shop to promote customer movement. Activate the queue counting feature to detect peak hours and ensure smooth service flow. Work in a physically risky job? Use our hard-hats detector to ensure the safety of your workers. 

Boost more than just safety; boost efficiency. 

Contact us for a consultation to find out even more about what our systems can offer you.