Integrated Solutions

At Eyescan, our primary objective is to provide our clients with the best combination of solutions, fully customized to your needs and establishment’s requirements.

By uniquely integrating and adapting the range of the solutions we provide, we are able to optimally cover your safety, monitoring and organizational needs at all your locations.

Our solutions can help you tackle many layers within your business’ organization, from tracking and controlling your fleet and its efficiency, to controlling the access within your premises based on your tailored restrictions, permissions and even allowance hours. Keep track of movement within your more restricted areas by integrating solutions and finding out who is trying to access certain areas via video verification; be notified instantly if prohibited activity is attempted!

In regards to security and safety measures, we cover it all, from surveillance and 24/7 monitoring, to evacuation measures, equipment and voice guidance in the case of fires, earthquakes and any other need for immediate evacuation.

Integrate our fire and safety and access control solutions to override and adapt access restrictions in the case of emergencies, while our voice evac system guides everyone to safety in the most efficient way possible.

Want to boost your security system? Not only do we provide everything required to create an effective surveillance system, but we also offer 24/7 monitoring with the availability of dispatch units when required, as well as smart building automations that can alert intruders when they get too close. At the same time, you and our monitoring staff are alerted of unwanted activity on your premises so as to take immediate action if need be.

The integrations and optimizations of our solutions are countless; contact our team to find out the best solution for you!