Fire Detection

When it comes to fires, time is of the essence. Timely identification leads to timely handling of a fire which is crucial to the preservation of life, businesses, and districts.

Optimize the safety of your premises and those around you by installing a Fire Detection System- an integral part of every establishment.

Every home, industry and structure has particular risks and specifications and we at Eyescan make sure to cover all variables and individual needs, enhancing the prompt detection of fires. We offer a range of products to help us tackle your every requirement while creating an effective fire detection system that is personalized to your premises.

Our systems are not limited to the common smoke detectors, but further include characteristic hardware that can identify fires from their earliest stages, such as the aspiration system which detects air quality and can identify not only the existence of a fire but even the burning material. Another high-tech alternative is our optical beam detector which can be used to detect the presence of smoke across larger areas, subsequently signaling the presence of a fire when need be. Regarding manual alarms, we additionally offer the Break Glass Call Point in case a member of your personnel identifies a hazard and responds first.

Once an alarm is activated, our 24/7 monitoring station is notified, which in turn is directly linked to the fire department, thus ensuring the direct dispatch of a firefighting unit.

Cause & Effect Metrics

Eyescan further offers Cause and Effect Metrics that commence upon the detection of a fire and assist in the safe and effective handling of a situation. These measures are customized to your premises and industry and include but are not limited to:

  • Sound alarm to warn employees, neighbors, passersby
  • Voice Evacuation System- guides people to safety based on the location of the fire and plan of the building
  • Closing of fresh air dumpers
  • Release of access control doors
  • Return of elevators to the ground floor- or a safe level- and renders them inactive
  • Emergency Lighting Systems

Already have an active extinguishing system? Link it to our smoke detectors for optimized protection!

Fire Detection systems save lives; fire detection systems protect homes; fire detection systems secure jobs.

Ensure the safety of your space by contacting our Eyescan experts for a consultation.