Evacuation Products

With the conveniences of modern society comes easy access for all: young, old, injured, handicapped. This means that visiting an establishment or getting to the top floor of a skyscraper, is as easy for a young, healthy individual as it is for a person with any physical handicap or mobility issue.

But what about evacuating in the case of an emergency?

In general, safety protocols are put in place to ensure everyone makes it to the nearest exit or safe zone, divided in a way that reduces traffic and delays.   Even so, it has been observed countless times that during times of an emergency, regardless of how prepared one may be, panic takes over. In these moments, institutions are obliged to make sure protocols are followed and no-one is disadvantaged due to a physical challenge or disability.

To ensure the prevention of a disadvantageous situation, Eyescan completes a comprehensive fire, health and safety risk assessment of your establishment and provides you with all the tools and evacuation products necessary to ensure everyone’s safe evacuation, taking into consideration any physical disabilities or challenges that may arise. 

Our specialized evac. products include the renown evac chair, as well as an array of accompanying accessories such as:


Patient Carrier Seat


Transfer Board


Comfy seat and many more

These simple evacuation tools could be the determining factor in a life or death situation, and we at Eyescan believe that inclusive safe evacuation is not a luxury, but a necessity for any establishment. 

In a world full of diversity, there is no excuse for selective safety. In a world full of advancement, there is no excuse for being unprepared. 

Ensure safe evacuation solutions for your establishment by contacting our expert team now!