Modern life is becoming increasingly busy and fast-paced, and with its growth, the value of convenience is becoming proportionally indispensable.  To meet this demand of convenience, the use of company fleets for sales representation, maintenance and delivery is increasing and expanding across industries due to the convenience they offer.

Meeting all consumer expectations and demands and maintaining quality of service while simultaneously monitoring company expenses, is no easy task. Countless employees and vehicles come with additional expenses that can reach radical heights if not monitored! One of the highest and most common expenses companies suffer is the cost of fuel, as there are multiple unexpected ways in which drivers can waste fuel without even realizing it-the major culprits being excessive speeding and unnecessary idling.

Do you have a fleet or are considering instating one? Eyescan has the solution for you: Vehicle Tracking & Fleet Management.

Simply put, this is an effortless way to monitor the overall activity of your fleet as well as driver behaviour, while also maintaining efficiency and productivity within any company. It is also the easiest way to locate any vehicle in the case of an emergency, or one in need of road assistance.

This fine-crafted tool has been tailored and perfected after taking into account users’ input, resulting in an extremely straightforward and highly effective GPS Tracking Platform.

Key features


Quick Map Overview on the main screen

Access to a live map and list of all your active vehicles provides you with all the details you need at any moment. With the simple click of a button, any vehicle’s position and motion is illustrated on the map, including direction, speed and trip time.


Interactive Logbook

The logbook provides a detailed breakdown of the trips per vehicle. This is not limited to a single trip, but can instantly illustrate an entire week’s routes.


Calendar View for all vehicles

The calendar offers in-depth detail in monthly, weekly and daily view to assist you in visualizing and capturing the overall activity of your fleet.


Specialized features

Fuel Consumption Tracking, Drivers Identification, User Defined Areas and Points of Interest.

Did you know that recent research has indicated that simply using a GPS tracking solution, can reduce redundant fuel costs by an astonishing 25 percent?

Imagine how much more efficient your fleet could be when using a combination of all these features.

Fleet Management and efficiency has never been easier!

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