Our Services

Alarm Receiving Center

Our top-notch products are always designed, tailored and adjusted to support your daily routine by introducing a variety of conveniences, whilst also securing your business, premises and loved ones.

24/7 Proactive AI Solutions

Eyescan provides proactive AI solutions that can operate alongside our 24/7 monitoring station to further protect and secure your establishment, as well as assist you in the identification of unsuitable situations.

24/7 Critical Equipment Monitoring

At Eyescan, we rely on and greatly appreciate the importance of functional equipment which is crucial in a variety of industries. This is why we offer our services of critical equipment monitoring which regards an array of industries.

24/7 Server Room and Environmental Solutions

Numerous professions handle sensitive data and information that is processed and stored on servers; data which if lost due to server malfunction, could cause detrimental damage to a business.

After-Sale Service

We believe that quality products go hand-in-hand with quality service, including after sale service. We are here to support and assist you in any way possible, whether to answer questions…

Security & Safety Consultation

With so many items and integrations available, it can seem quite a task researching and choosing the best products, solutions and combinations of services for you.

Real-time AI Video Analytics

Our Video Analytics solutions add artificial intelligence to cameras by analyzing video content in real-time, extracting metadata, sending out alerts and providing actionable intelligence to security…