Alarm Receiving Centre

Our top-notch products are always designed, tailored and adjusted to support your daily routine by introducing a variety of conveniences, whilst also securing your business, premises and loved ones.  However, no matter how reliable, efficient and effective technology has become, the human touch is irreplaceable.

This is precisely why we at Eyescan run an Alarm Receiving centre to further support all security needs and emergencies. Our 24/7 monitoring professionals receive immediate alerts and video verification during suspicious activity, and are able to act on this alert by sending out a dispatch unit whenever and wherever required, while contacting our clients to inform and confirm happenings. Our team not only ensures the security of your premises, but can further monitor the functionality of critical equipment.

If you are abroad, you can inform our monitoring service from beforehand so that they may take any actions necessary to immediately secure your belongings and premises, with or without your confirmation.

Our team works round-the-clock to ensure our clients’ safety, security and even the healthy operation of equipment.

Rest assured; trust Eyescan to protect you!